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Lens Prescription
Eye OD (Right)
BC 8.5
DIA 14.1
Eye OS (Left)
BC 8.5
DIA 14.1
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DAILIES TOTAL1 90 Pack Product Information

DAILIES TOTAL1®contact lenses are the first and only Water Gradient Contact Lens. DAILIES TOTAL1® is the perfect choice when looking for both superior comfort and breathability. After a 4 week comfort rating clinical study, on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1=poor and 10=excellent, the average subjective rating stayed well above a 9 even after the end of the day! Manufactured by Alcon, formerly CibaVision.

  • Silicone hydrogel material with low water content delivers superior oxygen transmissibility
  • Ultrasoft, hydrophilic surface gel is designed to offer exceptional lubricity

Contact lenses contain phosphatidylcholine, an ingredient also found in natural tears.

About this lens:

The DAILIES TOTAL1® water gradient technology reduces end-of-day dryness, as the water content approaches nearly 100% at the outermost surface of the lens. Contact lenses contain phosphatidylcholine, an ingredient also found in natural tears.

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Customer reviews

Greatest EVER

by Kirk C.

I was at my eye doctor for nearly 18 Different visits tried over 20 different pairs of contact which NONE worked for me at all. I have very sensitive eyes plus a slight astigmatism in one eye. and let me tell you what these contacts are great I already went thru a 90 pk and only had no problems. If you have sensitive eyes dry eyes eyes that if you are wearing contacts give you headaches super red eyes These are the ones for you because that is all the symptoms I had with OTHER contacts and now i can go well over 16 Hrs without contact awareness... wonderful
Kirk C.

Comfort Rating: 5
Vision Rating: 5
Overall Rating: 5